INTROplus is not only a camp or a ski school. It is a place where opportunities for the development of the whole child come together.

INTROplus is a safe, fun place where children grow into fulfilled, competent young people – through play, sport and fun as well as healthy, balanced guidance from teachers and trainers. We apply this concept to every moment of our engagement with campers. We teach children using a unique approach we developed based on our many years of experience. It is an approach well-suited for their athletic achievement and their overall upbringing.

We don’t claim some ‘magic formula.’ Over the years we’ve worked with children, and their parents have seen the progress, asking us what we were doing. It’s simple: we took everything that worked and put it all together into a set of useful tools that we now call the INTROplus formula.


First, we take time to get to know your child, so we can help them connect with other children and staff without the use of modern technology! No smart phones, no iPads or tablets. They get a week-long ‘unplugged’ experience. The primary goal of INTROplus camp is to develop the whole child, not just make them into competitive athletes. Every child is challenged to achieve top results within their abilities. It’s important for children to make constant progress, so we create opportunities for them to set their goals – each time going a little further so they can feel the satisfaction of personal success. If the child wants to achieve something more, we can, through our club, assure their path to the top of the sport.


One of the main guidelines of INTRO+ camp is “SEIZE THE DAY!” Is your child a late riser? Don’t worry, by the time they come back to you, they will love early mornings! And they will never be late. There simply isn’t another option (unless there is a serious circumstance that would prevent them from getting up early.) In our 12 years of ski camp, this approach has always worked. Rest assured it will work for your child as well.

We begin our day with a nutritious breakfast. Your child is a picky eater? Don’t worry about that, either. A healthy and nutritious diet is extremely important for an active child – we take it seriously. We pay close attention to the environment in which your child will develop healthy habits – which they will then likely take home with them.

Our goal is to guide each child to have fun each day without feeling pressured or that it’s hard work. We watch, very closely, the balance of the children’s physical needs. We challenge them to learn social structure and develop their minds. We want each child to be happy at the end of the day – with a sense of healthy physical tiredness and the satisfaction that comes from successfully pushing one’s own limits.