DAILY ACTIVITIES DURING CAMP (per day, per child) 65,00 €


* Ski training (from 8:20 am – 2:30 pm, and lunch around 11:30-12 noon)

* Game activities, ice skating, walking, sledding (from 5:30 – 6:45 pm)

* Animated movie viewing and sleep (8 pm)

* Daily instruction with ski instructor (ratio teacher/ child up to 1:6)

* Supervised schoolwork (tutoring available) between 3:30-7 pm. Not applicable during school vacations. For school children who are missing school and are bringing schoolwork in agreement with their teachers/ schools they attend. For the school children who are coming with an adult, we ask that the accompanying adult participate in doing the schoolwork and coordinate it with the camp teachers, instructors and tutors.

* Other activities according to daily schedule (play time, ice skating, walking, sledding, etc.)

* We require that all camp children attend the daily programs, except on the departure day (Sundays until 12 noon) when it’s optional.




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DIETLGUT hotel – room and board. Although this is not a five-star hotel, it is a perfect fit for our philosophy of offering children a clean, warm and safe place where they can be kids. Our priority is to create a home-like and comforting atmosphere supportive of the development of children.

* Rooms have two, three or four beds. Each room has a private bathroom with a shower and toilet.

* Breakfast

* Lunch at the ski slopes for skiers

* Lunch at the hotel for non-skiers

* Dinner

* Snack after returning from ski slopes

* Drinks, hot tea, coffee – always available on demand (sodas are not available due to our diet plan)

Food is adjusted to the camp activities. We don’t provide waiters because we encourage respect toward food and those who prepare meals for us. Children and adults serve themselves, bring their meals/ drinks to the table, and, after eating, clear their plates, glasses and silverware.

* Accommodations and food are free to children up to three years old

* There is a 50% discount for sleeping on an additional cot.

* Free internet

* Hotel taxes are included in price

Terms of paying:

* To confirm your reservation, deposit of 50% of the total balance (not including ski lift pass) is required eight weeks before your arrival date. The remaining balance (including ski lift pass) needs to be paid at least 10 days before your arrival date.

* In case we are 100% full (between Dec 26 and Jan 13) the terms are as follows: if you book two people in a room, you pay full adult price. Every additional person in the same room pays according to above-mentioned fee (and depending on age.).


* Any cancellations after six weeks prior to your arrival date are non-refundable.



For those children who are dropped off at the camp without adult accompaniment, we charge a ‘caretaker’ fee. We won’t ‘babysit’ them, because we want to encourage their independence, but we will provide care for them. We will designate a responsible adult who will take care of your child 24 hours, making sure that:

* the child is waking up and going to bed at appropriate times

* the child is wearing appropriate and adequate clothing

* the child is wearing sunscreen when needed

* the child has eaten enough – and has gotten a balanced meal

* the child is showering twice a day and brushing their teeth, etc.

* we appropriately monitor children’s changing of their clothes

* the child can always talk to their designated person

* the child is taken care of in case of illness

The designated person is in constant communication with the child’s parent. We build an open communication without holding anything back.

The ratio of child/ caregiver is 1:3.

Your children won’t need any money. In case of any extraordinary circumstances, we will cover all costs.



Every child enrolled in camp must be insured through you. Since Croatian entrance into EU, every Croatian citizen must carry the European health insurance card (EKZO.)

EKZO still doesn’t cover transport to the hospital. You can purchase travel insurance policy, with a premium that will cover the cost of helicopter transfer (around 15.000,00 €)

All information about travel insurance can be obtained at the Koncar ski club. It’s not mandatory, but highly recommended.

Contact person at the Koncar Ski Club is Marija Kržić (cell: + 385 91 616 8101,  e-mail: skiklubkoncar@ski.hr).


Ski equipment is not provided. You must purchase/ rent it at your own expense..

We are happy to help you coordinate any rentals, and we will give you advice on what to get..

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In order to get the maximum benefit from the ski training, it is very important to choose the right ski equipment. INTROplus offers the service of securing the ski equipment. We will give you more details when we plan your stay at the camp.


After several years of attending ski camp, some children will outgrow the commercial ski equipment available at rental shops. We have started a project called “Our Fleet” to meet the needs of skiers who need more professional gear in order to expand their skills.


One of the basics of developing a well-rounded skier is skiing in deep snow, through nature. Skiing outside of the ski slopes, children develop new motions, balance and teamwork, as well as the connection with and understanding nature that surrounds them. In addition to other benefits related to developing the skill, skiing through the woods in deep snow is true skiing. Taking children off the carefully prepared ski slopes opens up an opportunity for them to experience nature, and to experience a change from their daily routine.

Freeride skis make it easier to ski in deep snow (the skis are wider and they ‘sail’ on the deep untouched snow). They also enable children to adjust their movements and have a more intense experience, which will build their love for the sport and the lifestyle that Alpine skiing represents. Using freeride skis in the woods also eliminates additional damage to their regular ski gear (they will get scratches, but that’s part of the experience.)

We believe it’s not reasonable to buy an additional pair of freeride skis for your child – at the age when they are still growing – so we have secured this gear and offer it ourselves. We are aware of the many benefits for using freeride gear, skiing through nature and ungroomed slopes.

(There is no additional cost to parents for the freeride skis.)



The Goals of “Our Fleet” project are:

* at any given moment, your child will have the exact ski gear he/ she needs for optimal training and development of their skiing skills

* equip children with the gear of a certain quality that will not limit their development, but instead encourage it and support it.

* parents don’t waste time and money on buying/ renting special gear

* decrease the cost which might be incurred because of getting the wrong or inadequate gear

* we are all ready for the ski season before we get to the ski slopes – which would slow us down, take time from skiing and increase costs of training.


Parents/ guardians are responsible for getting their children to the camp.

To optimize expenses, time and energy, parents will often car-pool and organize transportation with other participating families. INTROplus will provide you with a platform to communicate with other participating families before each new season. This platform is inaccessible to the public and only available to registered families.

We encourage networking between families. Coming together and working together as a group is a part of our philosophy we are supporting. Within the limits of what’s possible and reasonable, we will work together to find transportation for the children whose parents or guardians cannot bring them to the camp themselves.

In case we have a large number of children who are coming without parents/ guardians, we will be available to help organize group transportation.

Transportation costs are borne by the families and are separate from your camp costs. At our camp, there are no hidden fees or surprise expenses.