We aren’t a ‘regular’ commercial camp; you can’t just register online, pay and bring your child to the camp. We require an individual call so you are sure we are the right fit for you and your child. During our call, we will explain what you can expect and ask you some questions about your child, so we can prepare and create the best possible conditions for his or her arrival. You can register by clicking the link below, after which we will contact you and set up our intro meeting (phone call or in-person meeting.) Before you register, we encourage you to read the section “Are We the Right Fit?” that follows.

One of the main goals of our program, process and atmosphere at the camp is to help children feel independent. Parents are welcome at the camp. With their presence, they are supporting us to reach our goals. We are building the communication triangle – child/ parent/ trainer. It’s important that the children have some quality time with their parents. Our camp is structured as a support to building better family units. The camp’s atmosphere is relaxed, spontaneous and homey. As much as the children make new friendships, their parents meet new friends and develop strong friendships. The parents help and support each other.  It’s a friendly, first-name basis here. For example, it’s very ‘normal’ to call Sandra (the mom), who will be arriving at the camp on Monday, and ask her to bring little Jelena (someone else’s child) and also a pair of skis for little Marko (yet another child who’s not her son).

If you aren’t a social type, or you aren’t able to participate in this way, don’t worry, we won’t push you into it, require it or force it.

Of course, children are welcome without accompaniment of their parents/ guardians. Whether your children should come with you or without depends on your family dynamic, your preferences and abilities. We always have children who come to the camp by themselves, or with a mom, a dad, a grandmother, or with a whole family.

To help you decide if your child is ready to be at the camp by themselves, use the following guidelines:

  • Child is at least 6 years old. Some younger children who have been at the camp before and know the process and staff of our camp will be able to come alone as well.
  • Child has its own desire to be at the camp and keep a positive attitude.

If the child is ready, you can rest easy. We will take care of your child. Apart from their trainers, they will be assigned a person who will take care of their personal needs (hygiene, clothing, sleeping, waking up on time, etc.) We will keep close watch on how they feel, what they are thinking, or if they are bothered by anything, and we will be in constant communication with you. Parents are sometimes worried if their children are able to be on their own. Give them a chance – they will surprise you and make you proud with how they handle themselves when they are without you.

Every child is unique and has unique needs. Every child is equally important to us. We are dedicated to individual approaches and inclusion. We aren’t trained to work with special needs children, but in some cases we can handle your child’s needs. Please talk to us and let us discern together whether or not we can handle your child’s special needs and provide them with an amazing winter experience.

We have a question for you: does your child have health conditions related to food or are they picky eaters? If there is a health condition that requires a special diet, if you are observing a special religion-related diet, or if your child is vegetarian/ vegan, please let us know and we will do all we can to create a meal plan for your child. If your child is a picky eater (a little bit or a lot), our approach will be different. We don’t cater to special requests. There is no special breakfast cereal that a child can’t live without, when all other children are eating food that’s served. No one will force your child to eat. We won’t like if your child skips a meal, but there are only a few hours between meals, and they will be OK. Children at the camp are very adaptable – they will soon develop new eating habits – faster than you, as a parent would expect. Maybe you will be surprised when your child comes back from the camp and asks for a stew. Their bodies, when active, soon recognize what’s good for them and what they need in order to continually replenish the energy needed for everyday challenges. It’s very rare that a child keeps refusing to eat. If that’s the case, he/ she might have a serious health issue, which we will absolutely take into consideration and modify their meals.

We believe children don’t need to study during school breaks, unless they are struggling in school. Many kids often fall behind with their schoolwork during the year. Don’t punish them by not giving them a chance to ski. INTRO+ is a place where they will develop the self-discipline and habits they might be missing – and needing. We offer tutors for schoolwork during the school year, but not over school breaks. In case your child does need time to study over the break, we will, in agreement with you, carve out time and the right environment for them.

Yes, it’s OK. We have excellent experience with that. For children grades 1-4, we recommend taking off a week of school to attend our camp. For children in grades 5 and higher, it takes a little bit more effort to ensure enough time, discipline and work, but it still works. We’ve had many families who have navigated school and skiing with great success.

We have secured enough time and special teachers who will work with your child every day so that he or she won’t fall behind in their schoolwork. If you are accompanying your child, our teacher will still be available to offer extra support. In our experience, kids who study during camp have more motivation to learn, and so they achieve really great results.

We did some studies on whether the study time at the camp was the same quality as it was while they attend school. We found that children actually do better at the camp. Our explanation is that, during camp, children are more motivated due to the individualized approach for each child and the influence of the camp’s positive mentality and healthy atmosphere.

Croatian schools have to excuse this absence by law. Check with your child’s school how much in advance you need to notify them. We would love to offer our ski camp for schools and groups of students and teachers. If you know someone who is interested in facilitating something like that, please let us know.

We love to spend time with parents, and we always try to find time to ski together. Training for adults is not something we offer at the moment. Children are our priority and our area of expertise. Of course, we love to talk about skiing and sharing all that we know about it with you.

We aren’t the standard commercial camp. We are dedicated to excellence and a certain high level of quality of our work. Our fees cover all we need to offer the program we developed and so passionately believe in. You picked us because of what’s unique about us.

You are paying for the quality of our team – we pick motivated and competent professionals, and we keep a low ratio of student/teacher at optimal 6:1.

In our camp, you don’t just invest in teaching your child to ski, but also in the whole development of your child. Here, apart from the all-day program for your child, your child gets full accommodations, food (and lunch on the ski slopes) and drinks (all inclusive), and so your child won’t need any additional money. Neither you nor your child will have any need to or even care to spend extra money. Compared to other recreational skiing, we guarantee you get a lot more value for your investment with us.

Running the camp for many years, and also by being parents ourselves, we finally understood why a quality child development is often expensive. We used to not understand what’s behind high college fees of schools like Harvard. Now we get it. We aren’t comparing INTRO+ with renowned world-class colleges, but we believe that, if you are even considering INTRO+, you already know the difference between other recreational camps and a camp that’s dedicated to the development of your whole child. We would love to make our camp more affordable for many more families. We already cut a lot of cost for you by letting go of non-essentials (for example a luxury, 5-star hotel.) What you are paying is optimized in order for us to be able to deliver all we promise.

Of course. All our programs are developed in a way that they can be customized to each individual child, depending on the level of their previous experience and abilities. We would love a chance to be your child’s first experience with the wonderful world of skiing. Their level of skiing skills is our assignment, not a problem.

We are in constant communication with parents. You will know ahead of time if your child is coming down with a cold or some other illness. Our experience with the local hospital in Kirchdorf is really good. If you live close by (within 4-5 hours of driving), in case of any more serious complications, we will organize to get your child home safely and swiftly.

We have a team with many awards and a lot of competitive experience. We are more than capable and able to take your child to the top of the competitive sport. We can tell you that our trainers worked with Olympians Janica and Ivica Kostelić. Is that good enough?