We are glad you think of us as a partner in raising your child. Whether you will come with your child or let us take care of them, making a decision of where your child will spend a week, or two or more, is not easy. We hope you already got to know us a little bit by reading through our website. We have a unique approach to working with children. For us, skiing is not just sport and a physical activity. All of our efforts are geared toward the whole development of your child.

Before you decide to register, here are a few important details you should know:


If luxury accommodations are an important part of choosing the right camp for you, then, more than likely, we are not it. Our priorities for choosing the right hotel rental for our camp were: proximity to Zagreb (where most of our campers come from); in a quiet and safe location (not trendy, overcrowded or huge ski slopes); proximity to a hospital; well-connected with the ski slopes. The most important, however, was that the hotel itself is appropriate for children – so they can be children. Don’t worry; we are committed to having our hotel be warm, clean and comfortable – with a homey and cosy atmosphere.


If your child doesn’t follow a healthy balanced diet, and you aren’t ready to change that, maybe we aren’t the best fit for you. If you will be upset that your child can’t get his favourite sugary cereal for breakfast while there is other food offered, we can’t help you. A balanced, nutritious diet is exceptionally important for sports and physical activity, and to us, it’s a huge priority. We put a lot of effort into providing healthy meals. We won’t force your child to eat. If they don’t like the food, they don’t have to eat it, but we won’t offer something else. It’s not ideal for kids to skip meals, and we don’t like when that happens. But, they soon get hungry and eat the next meal. Eventually, they develop taste for the food we serve. We also take great care to provide a good environment that will inspire your child to eat healthy. Don’t worry; we never had a kid who was left hungry or starving. We pay close attention. If a child has a legitimate/ or health issue with certain foods, we will put extra effort into making sure he or she gets what they need. Speaking from experience, many times children will have a lot fewer problems with food than what their parents think.

It’s important to us to help your child keep a healthy relationship with food. Respect toward food and those who prepare it is a part of it. We eat what’s served to us. Everyone takes what they think they will eat, finishes their food, and clears their (clean) plate and silverware in the designated place in the kitchen.


We believe in development and discipline – in a supportive and inspiring environment. Are you worried because you think your child is a little bit lazy? We don’t believe in laziness. At our camp, your child will have plenty of motivation. Today, many parents are too overprotective of their children. We understand, but we don’t support it. Sometimes a child will be tired and will try to get out of skiing. We won’t support him or her in that. Our responsibility is to keep the child on the ski slopes. We aren’t tough, but we aren’t a pushover either. We are ready for the child to feel angry. It’s OK. We are confident that at the end of the day, the child will feel huge satisfaction. Next time your child finds themselves in front of a challenge that seems overwhelming, they will be able to recall that feeling of being satisfied and tackle the challenge on their own. That’s one of the most valuable skills to learn. We are aware that there are exceptions. Don’t worry, we will notice if the child is getting sick, or if there is a serious reason for lack of motivation. We will be there to help them. We take care of children entrusted to us, in a warm and trusting way, but we also keep authority as trainers and teachers.

Open communication between us and you is our highest priority. If you still think we are a good fit, don’t wait. Fill in the INFO form – we are looking forward to meeting you in a phone call or in person.

We recognize and reward individuals with dedication to serve, and who are passionate about the development and well-being of our children. We pick people for our team with extra care, we prepare them and organize workshops for them. If you are familiar with our concepts and approach, if you believe you can contribute to achieving our goals, and if you can see yourself being on our team, contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

We believe in the power of working together. We are open to many different partnerships with organizations or individuals – for as long as we share the same vision and values. Contact us, let’s talk.