INTROplus is a ski camp for children ages 4-14. We welcome the entire family to spend the week with us – or choose the option of dropping off your child, knowing they will get the individual attention they need. Still, INTROplus camp is not for everyone. We are unique. We are different from other camps, and our priorities aren’t the same as most traditional ski camps. Before you make a decision to join us, you need to know more about our philosophy. If we share the same vision on how to raise a child, you are in the right place (you won’t find another one that’s more ‘right’ for you!)

INTROplus is not only a camp or a ski school. It is a place where opportunities for the development of the whole child come together.

INTROplus is a safe, fun place where children grow into fulfilled, competent young people – through play, sport and fun as well as healthy, balanced guidance from teachers and trainers. We apply this concept to every moment of our engagement with campers. We teach children using a unique approach we developed based on our many years of experience. It is an approach well-suited for their athletic achievement and their overall upbringing.

We don’t claim some ‘magic formula.’ Over the years we’ve worked with children, and their parents have seen the progress, asking us what we were doing. It’s simple: we took everything that worked and put it all together into a set of useful tools that we now call the INTROplus formula.

Our formula will help you understand the way we think, work and how we approach your children. Through this formula, you will know if we are a good fit, and if we are the best choice for you and your child. We believe that you will recognize some of these practical, tried-and-true techniques that you can apply in your own parenting style.

The INTROplus formula is not a powder that we add to your child’s drink to make them behave or perform differently. (If we discover it in our lab, we will definitely let you know :)) When we talk about raising children, we don’t think only about the growth of the child, we also consider the personal growth of us as well (as educators, parents, mentors, etc.). We didn’t develop this formula remotely and then apply it while working with children. We developed it THROUGH working with children – by observing, learning and growing together. The beauty of what we came up with is that you can use our INTROplus formula for any challenging situation you encounter while raising or working with children. It will help you see the challenge in a new way, and become aware of new approaches and solutions.

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T for TRUST 
PLUS is for continuous development and desire to grow/expand

First, we take time to get to know your child, so we can help them connect with other children and staff without the use of modern technology! No smart phones, no iPads or tablets. They get a week-long ‘unplugged’ experience. The primary goal of INTROplus camp is to develop the whole child, not just make them into competitive athletes. Every child is challenged to achieve top results within their abilities. It’s important for children to make constant progress, so we create opportunities for them to set their goals – each time going a little further so they can feel the satisfaction of personal success. If the child wants to achieve something more, we can, through our club, assure their path to the top of the sport.  

All programs and activities are carefully planned so they are appropriate for the age and developmental level of each individual child. This is so all three aspects of their growth (mental, social and physical) can be nurtured through the camp experience. That’s what we call the INTRO+ formula – the program directed toward the growth of the whole child. (BTW, kids still see it simply as a fun ski camp.)

*Before we begin working with a child, we assess their initial stage and set their individual goal and plan for their training.

*We do frequent video-analysis so a child himself can see what he needs to focus on for further improvement.

*We make sure we have the optimal student/ teacher ratio; we recognize 6:1 as the ideal ratio. Six students is the maximum number of children for a ski instructor to work with and still give each child proper individual attention, while also achieving a healthy group dynamic. No exceptions.

* We apply positive psychology with a goal of developing positive personal traits in children.

* We provide an optimized nutritious diet that helps children achieve their full athletic potential. At the same time we help them develop good health habits that they will take home with them. We emphasize creating the right environment to inspire them to adapt to new, healthy foods.

* Parent-teacher-child relationship is the base of success. Accordingly, we build and keep frequent and open communication with parents.

* Goals are defined objectively. We don’t give up on our goals. We are committed to do everything in our power to achieve our goals before we decide our goal isn’t realistic. We pass on the same attitude to parents and children. This creates an empowering environment full of support and understanding.

INTROplus was founded in 2006 by ski enthusiasts Marko Bošnjak and Goran Pihač. They did this primarily from their own desire to create a winter experience that would be more than a ski trip for their own children, families and friends. Over time, INTROplus grew into a much larger project because many families recognized their authentic motivation and the need for this kind of experience.


* Electrical engineer (Bachelor’s’ Degree from the University of Zagreb) 
* 15 years of competitive skiing
* 19 years as a trainer
* Clubs: SK Medveščak, SK Končar
* Clients: Olympians Ivica and Janica Kostelić
* Belongs to Croatian Ski Union
* Co-founder of INTROplus
* Two-time Winter Olympian
* Participant in many World Championships, World Cup, FIS 
* Participant in international children’s races


* Dad of two kids
* Mechanical engineer (Master’s degree from the University of Zagreb)
* Studied in Vienna on Austrian government stipend
* Regional marketing supervisor at P.Z. Auto (VW, Audi, Seat, Škoda, and Porsche Croatia)
* Co-founder of INTROplus
* Member of VK Mladost club (long-distance swimming)
* Snowboard trainer since 1999. – Participant at World Cup
* Ski demonstrator
* Counselling in autogenic training (form of life coaching/ positive psychology training)

Although Marko and Goran are the core behind INTROplus, there is a whole team of professionals and dedicated individuals who make sure that the philosophy of whole child development is applied in every moment of each day, in every tiny detail.

Our team doesn’t include only ski trainers. All programs and camp activities are aimed at one goal: to provide individual care to each child as they seek to reach their full potential. The entire team (educators, professors, cooks, room service people, etc.) works together in pursuit of this goal.

Along with our experienced team members, we always seek to add someone new and welcome their fresh energy. We pick each new member with much consideration, and we spend ample time/ effort to prepare them for working on our team. It’s important to us that each team member is an authentic and real example of the values we hope to pass on to your child.