One of the main guidelines of INTRO+ camp is “SEIZE THE DAY!” Is your child a late riser? Don’t worry, by the time they come back to you, they will love early mornings! And they will never be late. There simply isn’t another option (unless there is a serious circumstance that would prevent them from getting up early.) In our 12 years of ski camp, this approach has always worked. Rest assured it will work for your child as well.

After breakfast, we take the first gondola and start our day. Each day is full of activities, but they are designed so that the child still has plenty of time for free play. That’s how we grown-ups see it. The children don’t even perceive time as a limitation. A child always stays in the present moment; their minds are in a continuous game mind-set. All activities flow into each other through play because play is the most powerful way of learning. A child is carefree, but they still feel independent. They create their own experiences for the day, and we provide non-intrusive attention.

In every moment we look after them as if they were our own children – we notice untied shoes, we check if they brush their teeth and take care of themselves… We always watch for signs that might indicate they need extra attention. We are present in each activity so we are able to help them become aware of their own abilities and responsibilities. They can lean on their own inner strength when moving forward and learning new skills to achieve their full potential. We put a lot of effort into balancing professional and personal approaches so that the kids will improve. At the same time we want them to enjoy being ‘children’ and to be carefree and feel at home in every moment. Our goal is that each child at the end of each day is a satisfied person because they feel they had pushed their own limits. We also want them to feel a healthy, physical tiredness and to experience that precious sense of “This is how I want to live!”

We are so passionate about skiing that we would love for INTRO+  to run the entire year. But, that’s not possible for obvious reasons. As soon as one season is over, we are preparing for the next. That’s so we can build an even better experience for your child. During the year, we try to share our story with the many parents who recognize its value. Follow us on Facebook: see what we are working on and what is new. You can also check the availability of desired camp dates.

*INTRO+  reserves the right to change schedules without notice. Because of technical limitations, the availability shown here is not always accurate, so please always contact us before you give up.